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Discover the faster, easier way to make great coffee.

  • Make Better Tasting Coffee from Day 1!
  • Master The 3 Essential Steps To Make A Great Cup
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  • Unlimited Support Until You Make The Perfect Drink!

What's Coffee Camp 💭?

Coffee Camp is a unique platform where coffee lovers can learn to make a great cup of coffee at home or work in less than 10 minutes even if they never tried making coffee before!

We teach you a simple but effective coffee brewing technique in simple step by step instructions and provide you with all the necessary tools to follow along and make your own home-made cup!

1. Learn

Watch The 10 Minutes crash course To Learn Everything that makes a great cup!

2. Make

Get Your Coffee Making Set Delivered To Your Home And Start Practicing!

3. Enjoy!

Enjoy Coffee that actually tastes good, from the comfort of your home.

Who Is It For? 

Our 10 Minute Crash Course + Brewing Kit are designed to get you making a great cup of coffee with NO extra tools or accessories even if you've never touched a single coffee tool in your life!

If you want to learn to make a really good cup of coffee either for yourself, family or friends, Coffee Camp is the place for you!

All Tools Included

Ready In 5 Minutes

Actually Tastes Good

No need for heavy coffee making machines, your new coffee making tool sits on top of your favorite cup.

What's in the box? 📦

You get everything you'll need to make coffee that tastes GOOD. (minus the coffee beans but we'll get to that later)

You'll be making in no time coffee that'll leave your friends and family secretly wondering if you took barista courses!

Your package includes:

  • A Professional Stainless Pour Over Filter
  • Our Exclusive 10 Minute Coffee-Masters Crash Course
  • 2 Secret Bonus Items To Make Your Life Easier 🎁
  • Unlimited Access To Our Coffee Experts Support!

Get Started With Coffee Camp Today!

Why Join?

  • Learn Step By Step How to Make The Perfect Pour Over Coffee At Home or At Work
  • Get All The Necessary Tools Shipped Straight To Your Home At No Extra Fee
  • Save hundreds of $ in coffee cost, hours of waiting in line and bitter aftertaste!

What Our Raving Fans Are Saying:

Disclaimer: This is a quite long but real fun review, if you're not into long reads, please skip to my shorter review at the bottom.


I've been getting 8$ starbucks coffee for work each morning for the last 6 years.

Realizing I've spent over 5000$ on over-expensive bitter latte is how my quest for better (and cheaper) coffee started.

I've purchased first an Espresso machine and went by it for a few months as it was pretty handy and only took a few dozen seconds to make my morning cup. That was until I realized that coffee pods are actually quite costly when you have your coffee and they're only making it worse for the planet. (check out the Coffee Camp article on that for more)

A final and desperate search in Google for "Make Good Coffee from Day 1" got me on the old "Coffee Camp" page claiming to help you make good coffee forever for 50 bucks. By This stage I was basically willing to try anything, I received the package after around 2 weeks (they reduced the shipping to 7 days in the us since then) and played their crash course.

I was a bit mad at first to be honest because the instructions seemed so easy it almost felt like a ripoff, but after following their instructions to the letter, I found myself after less than 4 minutes with what I could probably call the Best Coffee I have ever tasted in my life.

I'm not sure why, but at that moment, I just took a seat in the kitchen, laid back and had a small tear roll off my eye. I'm still wondering if it was the irony that the best cup of coffee was actually right at home or if it was the pride of making something that tasted so good after so many years.

I have my pack for 9 months now and take it with me everywhere I go. (This includes every other room in the house, the office and sometimes even on picnics).

Bottom of the line is:

If you're looking for a way to make actual great coffee, from home, and for probably less than 80 cent a cup, please try this, you won't regret it :)

Laurie H. - Coffee Lover

Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

Get Making Better Coffee Today!

All Tools Included

Ready In 5 Minutes

Actually Tastes Good

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